Camrose Sings

Camrose & District Children's Choirs

The Choirs:

The Camrose and Area Children’s Choirs have been an active part of the musical life of our community since 1999, with a Junior and Senior division since 2003, and an auditioned select ensemble (named Vivo Cantando, Spanish for ‘I Love to Sing’) since 2009.

Joy-Anne took over the choir in 2002, so this season marks TWENTY YEARS with Camrose and Area Children’s Choirs! Wow… It must be time to celebrate!!

The Jr and Sr Choirs are non-auditioned groups, meaning anyone with a love of singing can join at any level of ability. Vivo Cantando is an auditioned group for those singers who are able to read and learn music that is more challenging. RESOUND! is a new instrumental group - see below for more information.

We continue to be extremely proud of the level of musicianship we have achieved with our members each season, and to appreciate the continuity of membership the choirs have enjoyed over the past decade. When singers stick with our program, we are able to improve our level of musicianship that much more each year, and it brings the calibre of performance up for everyone involved.

Each year, our mandate of learning about great singing and musicianship leads us to perform in concerts, provide music for local charities and other community events, participate in the Camrose Music Festival, Festival of Trees and Jaywalker’s Jamboree, learn through workshops and choral festivals at both the local and provincial level and take field trip excursions to high-calibre choral, orchestral or theatrical performances.


Jr. Choir

Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30pm

Jr. is intended for those singers in grades 1-3, although we occasionally have K-aged members whose love of music can’t keep them back! Parents interested in having their K singer join should contact the director for a brief interview to assess interest, maturity (is the child able to sit through an hour of rehearsal in a group?) and musicianship (since most can’t yet read, are they quick to pick up notes/tunes and words?).

Sr. Choir

Tuesdays 5:45-7:15pm

Sr. is for those in grades 4-9. Singers learn more about musicianship and are able to sing in two and three parts. Rehearsals that are slightly longer give us lots of time for delving into our music.

Vivo Cantando

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30

is an auditioned ensemble offering those with a bit more experience (often through being in the choir!) a chance to explore more challenging music. The group is for those in grades 5 though high school, allowing anyone interested in pushing themselves this great chance to excel.


instrumental groups give kids a chance to play music on pitched percussion. We’ll use tone bars, hand chimes, bass tone bars and a metallophone to make melodies, and we’ll also try our hand at drums and shakers, claves and wood blocks.


Wednesdays, 4-4:45

Instrumental group for beginners - NO note-reading needed. This group is new in 2021, and is for those in grade 4 and up, who want to try their hand at pitched percussion, with some shakers and drums thrown into the mix. We’ll mostly use single note instruments such as hand chimes, tone bars and even boomwhackers. This means we need to learn about reading notes, but also about team playing! We make music when everyone figures their part out, which is lots of fun!!


Wednesdays, 4:45-5:30

Instrumental group for students able to read music - you don’t need to be advanced! Basic skill in the treble clef , and an understanding of rhythms (how long a quarter note is; whole note, rests, etc.) is needed to start in September. This group is also new in 2021, and is for those in grade 4 and up who already have some music reading ability and/or lesson experience. We’ll also play the pitched percussion, with some shakers and drums thrown into the mix. Just like RESOUND! 1, we’ll use single note instruments such as hand chimes, tone bars and even boomwhackers. This group will start at a higher level and figure out together how much of a challenge we can tackle for the most fun!

NOTE: A minimum number of registrants will be required for all groups.