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Joy-Anne is currently taking orders for this mask!

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HOW and WHY to still have choir

- a discussion of possible configurations of choir (especially children's choir) for the foreseeable future

Upddated July 28, 2021

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A brief examination of the many benefits of choral singing.

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- Here is the latest news from the land of research and advocacy as of July 28, 2021:

We continue exploring ways to sing together safely. The news from scientific research is hopeful at this point. Some of it needs replication and peer review etc., but much has been confirmed. I take heart at the following four bits of news:

This is a situation in which we should be able to take advantage of in the churches where we rehearse! We’ll go out onto the lawn when possible. We’ll be in large rooms, and leave our windows (that are high up, so will pull air up and away) open. We may be able to use more than one space or room, so that we can sing for a while, then let that room's air recirculate while we use another room. (Note that I can do that fairly easily in the United Church, but it may be highly booked - it’s a “wait and see” deal!)