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Non-woven polypropylene Singer’s Mask

Do you need a better mask for singing? Joy-Anne is currently taking orders for this mask, which allows more flexibility for the jaw, holds the masks away from the mouth for deep inhalations, is easier to hear the singer, and has better breathability than cloth or N95 masks. (NOTE: see “Masking in Choir - 2022-23 Policies” for more information about what to expect this upcoming season)

If you are interested, I’d need some lead time, and the following measurements and information:

  1. (orange) is from ear to ear across the tip of your nose
  2. (green) is from the top of the bridge of your nose to bottom of your chin
  3. whether you prefer straps around your head or adjustable ear loops
  4. whether you prefer elastic under the chin or not
  5. whether you need a high nose bridge or a more gentle curve

Mask Prices:

Triple Layer Non-Woven Polypropylene Mask.

Three layers, with cotton on the exterior and interior, NWPP sandwiched between.

Posted -

July 1, 2022