Camrose Sings

Children’s Choir Pillars

In Camrose and Area Children’s Choirs, singers have four focus areas:

  1. Whole Package: learning the whole package of a song: The pitches and rhythms, the colours and textures of creating a song together in a group, and then how to perform that song for others. In the past few years, we have been fortunate to add a few percussion instruments - both pitched and non-pitched - to our collection, so singers also get a chance to learn to play simple and fun accompaniments.
  2. Basics Of Music: exploring the basics of music: how to understand and name what they are hearing as they learn a song, and how to decode what they might see on a page and make it into music.
  3. Teamwork: experiencing teamwork: When learning in a group, everyone is important and all voices are essential.
  4. Giving Back: giving back: Once we know our songs, we perform for the community in concerts. As well, we look for other spaces and events where can we perform.

Posted -

July 3, 2022