Camrose Sings

The “Camrose Sings” Philosophy of Choir

Kids and adults need to be able to connect, communicate, create and express. Music is one of the very best ways to do all those things, all the while being disguised as engaging, moving, or even FUN! Singing adds yet another layer to this experience, because we are able to make music with and through our own bodies - this gives us access to self-regulation tools for social, emotional and physical wellbeing :-)

13 Health Physical Mental and Social Benefits of Choir Singing

Our Mission:

Camrose Sings Choral Association Mission Statement:

Camrose And Area Childrens’ Choirs Mission Statement:

The Camrose and Area Children’s Choirs exist to provide varied, high-quality music learning and performing experiences to children and youth in the greater Camrose region. Through rehearsals, performances, workshops and excursions, members explore and expand their love of music and the voice. Through participation in concerts, local and regional festivals, functions, and events, they learn to appreciate all that music can bring to a well rounded life and community.

Camrose Camerata Mission Statement:

Camrose Camerata is an auditioned, community-based adult chamber choir that came into existence in the Fall of 2003. The name Camerata is an Italian word first used in the Renaissance to describe a group of individuals who share a strong passion for a particular art form, and who get together (often in a chamber or “camera”) to share their beloved art form. We believe this reflects the spirit of this group.

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July 3, 2022