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Mask For Singers

Joy-Anne is currently taking orders for this Performer’s Mask! (NOTE: Singers who are unvaccinated (and those under 12 likely will be for a while!) will need to have a mask they are able to sing in for those times when we are inside and ventilation is not ideal. This is best practice for the immediate future.)

In order to have it fit more snugly, I am able to add elastic to the bottom section that sits under the chin (see grey mask in photos).

Here's a video: DIY Mask ForSingers

If you are interested, I'd need some lead time, and the following measurements and information:

  1. (orange) is from ear to ear across the tip of your nose
  2. (green) is from the top of the bridge of your nose to bottom of your chin
  3. whether you prefer straps around your head (see black mask in photos) or adjustable ear loops (see grey mask in photos)
  4. whether you prefer elastic under the chin
  5. whether you need a high nose bridge or a more gentle curve

Mask Styles and Prices:

Masks come in two varieties, and the second one can be reversible if desired: