Members of the Camrose and Area Children’s Choirs are setting their sights on our Nation’s Capital on Canada Day next summer.

Children’s Choir members will take part in a choral music festival called Unisong. This festival is designed to bring choirs from all across Canada together on our national holiday to celebrate the music al and cultural heritage of our nation. The singers will work with an internationally recognized conductor, rehearsing and performing with up to 300 singers from all across Canada, perform in a minimum of 3 different venues in Ottawa that hold anywhere from 200 to 3,670 audience members.

Given that our usual audience in Camrose is somewhere between 50 and 200 people, this is of course a very exciting prospect!

While in Ottawa, our singers will explore culture, history and music from several perspectives, and return to Camrose with greater knowledge and experience - much of which will be measured over the span of the rest of their lives.

Singers will return with musical memories and experiences that can impact their perception of what they are capable of achieving as aspiring choristers, soloists or even instrumentalists, and of course as citizens.

The cultural experience of being in our nation’s capital on and around Canada Day is not one that is replicated by anything else. Choir members will be exposed to multi-lingual conversations flowing around them, street performances of all kinds, formal cultural and historic displays at National museums and galleries, and - perhaps most importantly - cultural exchange though interactions, rehearsals and performances with singers from across Canada.

A project of this scope requires fundraising in order to provide the option of every choir member being able to afford to come along. We are turning to the Camrose community for fundraising. Choir members have already been out and about, and will continue to be in neighbourhoods for events and individual fundraisers. We are also asking local businesses and service organizations to consider helping the choir in any capacity, whether through donations of funds or supporting in other ways.

For more information, please send us an email at mail@camrosesings.ca

Camrose Camerata is also celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial this year! We are currently seeking singers in all voice parts, especially Soprano. For information on how to audition for our group, please send us a note or call 780-672-3372.